Activities Co-Ordinator | Heatherside, Hampshire

POST: Activities Co-Ordinator FULL TIME will include some weekend work.



  • £500 signing bonus once 6 month prohibitionary period is completed
  • 5.6 weeks annual leave pro rata
  • Paid breaks 
  • Pension scheme 
  • Free Uniform 
  • Refer a friend Scheme offering £500 per referral* 
  • Free on-site parking

Role Specification 

1) To provide and maintain a high standard of individual care and comfort allowing the quality of life of the residents to be maximised in a caring, supportive and friendly environment. 

2) Responsible for scheduling and organising activities, both within the home and outside of the home. Liasing with Managers and supervising other activities team members. 

Principal Duties 

1) Maintain a high standard of care and comfort for all residents in the Home, with the help of other designations of staff, in line with their individual care plans. 

2) Creating individual activities plans for each resident, taking into consideration all factors that affect their mental and physical well being and comfort. 

3) Scheduling all activities and running a diary system to cover all shifts and arranging all activities for those shifts. 

4) Providing and ensuring that any equipment required for activities run by Carers, Team Leaders/Others is ready and available. 

5) Ensuring that the activities diary of attendance is completed daily. 

6) Discussing with the Owners/Managers new ideas and promoting the ideas within the home. 

7) Researching information for Occupational Therapy via the internet and ready material. 

8) Negotiating and costing activities/entertainment costings and travel arrangements if applicable. 

9) Help promote social activity within the Home and help residents to participate in chosen activities in their local community. 

10) Maintain good hygiene standards at all times. 

11) Report any concerns, worries or ill health of residents to the person in charge. 

12) Provide and participate in activities, and/or outgoings for the resident – provide a sense of well being and maximise quality of life. 

13) Respect residents’ wishes and involve residents in your care, allowing them to make choices. Do not always make decisions for them without their knowledge or agreement and involve them closely with their care. 

14) Offer any suggestions to the Manager which may improve the service given or efficiency of the Home. 

15) Maintain good relationships with relatives and be courteous to all visitors by making them feel welcome in the Home. 

16) Do not undertake any duty of which you are unsure or have not had prior permission/instruction from the person in charge or outside body. 

17) Report any health, safety or security standards which fail to be met to the Manager and be aware of the health and safety and security standards set out in the Home’s policy. By doing this residents are protected from injury or harm from equipment, machinery, mobility aids etc. Report any defects in equipment/aids to the person in charge. 

18) Maintain good levels of communication between all staff and residents. 

19) Be aware of all the policies and procedures within the home and ask if unsure. 

20) Clean equipment and keep in good working order at all times. 

21) To ensure that substances that could cause harm are kept locked away and COSHH Regulations adhered to. 

22) Be willing to participate in the training policy of the home. 

23) Attend courses, two lectures a year in fire prevention and any other courses as assessed. 

24) Report any accidents immediately to the person in charge. 

25) Adhere to the moving and handling policy of the home. 

26) Maintain confidentiality at all times. 

27) Ensure that the name and integrity of the home is not brought into disrepute. 

28) Ensure that all the home’s philosophies are adhered to. 

29) Be fully aware of your terms and conditions of employment. 

30) The above is considered to be a broad representation and not necessarily a comprehensive list. Additional responsibilities will be agreed from time to time as the needs of the home dictate. Any major variation to the key tasks will be the subject of discussion and agreement between the post holder and the manager.

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