Office Administrator | Gillingreane, Cumbria

Hours: 26 hours per week

Rate of pay: £9.65 per hour 

PURPOSE; Responsible for all administration and general secretarial duties within the home. Liaison with Head office Book keeping.

Responsible to ;Care Manager / Liaising with head office book keeping.

Duties and Responsibilities 

  1. Produce in conjunction with the Care Manager weekly wage reports. Weekly wage reports to the wages department monthly 
  2. Produce and submit weekly occupancy report to head office administrator.
  3. Weekly input and provision of staff payroll information.
  4. Manage petty cash expenditure within the home and submit monthly report to head office administrator and bookkeeping.
  5. Deal with all the homes banking of fees. Submit monthly banking report to bookkeeping.
  6. Deal with administration of all paper work and contracts for residents within the home.
  7. Liaise with head office bookkeeping re invoicing and reconciliation of accounts.
  8. To take prime responsibility for identifying and resolving debts in timely manner, with the assistance of the care manager and head office bookkeeping.
  9. Deal with the administration of staff personnel files and contracts.
  10.   Maintain personal data base for the home.
  11.  Perform general secretarial duties within the home
  12. To answer the phone as per homes policy and ensure all callers or visitors to the home are dealt with in a professional manner.
  13. To ensure compliance with all the company’s policies and procedures
  14. Manage resident’s personal allowances  audit weekly chase up debts owing , care manager audit  personal allowances monthly.
  15. Manage and submit monthly report to head office administrator /bookkeeping/director. 
  16. Submit monthly payment schedules to the local authorities and to bookkeeping
  17. Maintain stock of stationary items keeping within homes budget
  18. To undertake any other duties as requested
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