A wonderful 2019 at Pearlcare

Jan 15, 2020

2020 is well and truly underway and we think we speak for everyone when we say “2019 was over in a flash”. So many wonderful achievements and amazing things happened throughout our homes last year so we thought we would take a moment to share a few memorable moments throughout some of our homes.

Heatherside welcomed two adorable pigs (we know what you’re thinking, ‘adorable’, pigs, really? Well yes, they really are ADORABLE) to their home called, wait for it… ‘Dolly & Dimple’. They deserve to be famous with a duo name like that… and famous they are, as they have brought a tremendous amount of joy throughout the home for residents and staff. The local community, schools, residents friends and families have regular visits to see Dolly & Dimple and they even have their own Twitter page! You can go follow their activities on Twitter @Pig1AndPig21.

The Knights wanted to share a touching story about a gentleman who when he first came to The Knights wouldn’t engage with anyone or come out of his room. However since being at The Knights he comes out of his room everyday, enjoys spending time with other residents, the staff, his beloved family and having days out in the local community. His friends and family are overjoyed by the positive impact since living at The Knights has had on his life. This story is a true testament to how supportive and caring our staff are in our homes and the positive difference they can make in peoples lives. This, among many other reasons is why once again The Knights got shortlisted for the ‘Caring Awards’ for two years running (2018 and 2019). They were placed Top 5 both years for ‘Activities Team of the Year’.

Ladydale raised a record breaking total for the Resident’s Comfort Fund at their Summer Fair last year and they will be no doubt try to top that this year. Unfortunately on the day of the event it poured down with rain. Fortunately, Ladydale has a very large open plan conservatory so rather than letting the bad weather rain on their parade (pun completely intended) they set up a water and wine stall, cake sale, name the bear, face painting, brick a brac and tombola amongst other fun activities that the residents, friends, family, staff, local members of the community and children from Leeds First School thoroughly enjoyed. 

Ladydale were overjoyed by the generosity of 41 local businesses who donated some fabulous prizes for their raffles held throughout the day. As a result the Summer Fair raised over £1,300 for the Residents Comfort Fund which enabled the residents to enjoy; entertainers throughout the year, a much enjoyed visit from the Shetland ponies, an outing on a canal boat for the day, and a festive meal out, to name a few. 

Sandford, well, they ended the year with a very mischievous elf living in their home and if you follow Sandford on Facebook you will know exactly what we are talking about… In the run up to Christmas the staff and the residents took lots of joy and laughter taking part in ‘Elf On The Shelf’. We watched on Facebook as Sandford filled our newsfeed with the mischievous and very, very funny activities that Mr Elf go up to in and around the home. We think it’s safe to say we are all very much looking forward to the naughty elf returning to Sandford next year to see what he gets up to. 

This would be a very long post if we were to talk about all the fabulous things that happened throughout our homes last year but if you want to hear about all the wonderful things that happens during 2020 then be sure to check back in regularly over here at ‘Pearlcare News’ to keep up to date. 

Here’s to a happy, healthy 2020.