Choosing a career in care Q&A with Amelia, one of our youngest Care Assistants

Mar 28, 2022

Recently we caught up with Amelia, one of our young staff members across the Pearlcare group. Amelia is currently working at Sanford Care Home as a Care Assistant, she is only 18 years old and here’s what she had to say about a career in care for young people…

Q1: What do you enjoy most about your job? 

I love the busy dynamics of the job and the feeling of being mentally stimulated everyday as you don’t know what is going to be presented to you. I don’t think of the residents as just people I care for, they become almost like family and it brings me so much happiness to watch them thrive within the home.

Q2: Why did you choose a career in care? 

My interest in medicine was what initially attracted me to the role of a care assistant. I was slightly apprehensive at first to whether I’d enjoy this career, and whether it was for me – but I initially took to it and knew this was for me. 

I agree that working in care is not for everyone! But I also think a lot of people don’t realise that it’s something they’d enjoy- like myself. My advice is if this is something you’re interested in ‘grasp the nettle’ … you don’t know where it might take you!

Q3: What would you say to another young person who was thinking about a career in care? 

I would say if you have the slightest curiosity or desire to work in care, just go for it! It is definitely a career that you don’t know whether you’ll like unless you try. You might surprise yourself especially like me in my case! I started working at Sandford care home nearly 2 years ago, as I wanted to gain experience working within the care sector. Almost 2 years later I am still working at the care home and I still love my job! 

Q4: Your favourite memory of working at Sanford so far?

There’s honestly so many to choose from as I have had the opportunity to meet and care for so many amazing individuals. What I can say is that through working at Sandford Care Home I have definitely had the opportunity to learn so many amazing things and grow as a person. From being a person who has never done care before… To now, being so comfortable with my job and the residents, makes me feel like I have done it my whole life. 

If you are interested in a career in care, check out our current vacancies OR feel free to contact one of our care homes near YOU to find out what vacancies are available.