Award winning Hidden Heroes at Ladydale

Jun 2, 2020

We are very proud to share with you all that our wonderful team at Ladydale were nominated for their outstanding work throughout the current Covid-19 pandemic and WON a Hidden Heroes award from Staffordshire County Council.

“Hidden Heroes is our way of shining a light and celebrating the teams across the county council and our partners who are doing incredible and essential things in the battle against Covid-19, but perhaps go under the radar.” – Staffordshire City Council 

A few words from the staff at Ladydale…

“This continues to be a very difficult time for everyone, although recognition from the Council of how our team has come together to ensure that all of our residents have been cared for to the best of our abilities, is an amazing achievement.

We would like to thank the Council for their recognition. We also wanted to say a huge thank you to our lovely residents, and their families, for their understanding during this period and adapting to the changes that we have had to make. We know that this has been so difficult for them as well.”

Here’s a fantastic video by Staffordshire County Council of our very own Hidden Heroes at Ladydale and how they are going above and beyond to protect their home, staff and residents against the fight of Covid-19.

On behalf of everyone at Pearlcare we want to say a massive well done to our staff at Ladydale on this well deserved award and to all of the staff in our homes who continue to go above and beyond to protect our residents against the current pandemic. You are all Hidden Heroes.