In honour of one of our late residents at Brantley Manor

Mar 28, 2022

A letter from Fiona, the granddaughter of Sheila – one of our late and beloved residents at Brantley Manor.

To everyone at Brantley Manor,

Thank you so much for taking such great care of my Nana, Sheila, these past couple of years. Being so far away (in Seattle), I cannot express deeply enough what peace of mind I had having her being taken care of by such wonderful people. It was a hard choice moving her away from her home, but we are so glad we did and she found such a wonderful and loving place with magical people. My mum, Helen, would send me updates from you all and it was so nice to see the lovely activities you did, the gorgeous looking treats and food prepared by you, and the warm faces and personalities from the staff.

She was the only grandparent myself and my brothers were close to. She was a delight, spunky, hilarious, stubborn, and truly unique to grow up with as a Nana. Every summer and Christmas she came to visit us no matter where we lived in the world– and we loved coming back to Lincoln to see her. Three and a half years ago I last came to visit and brought my husband, and I’m so glad he got to meet her- even if she did say “he can leave his boots under my bed anyday” 😯😂. We now have two little daughters and I hope at least one of them picks up her love of drama.

Below are some pictures of Sheila in her younger years. She will be missed, but not long forgotten.

Thank you again.

Love, Fiona