Valentines Day 2020 at Pearlcare

Feb 25, 2020

Roses are red 

Violets are blue 

Our homes are blessed 

Because of You! 

Valentines Day is all about spreading happiness, joy and laughter and a chance to show your loved ones that you care. That’s exactly what all our homes did this valentines, and of course every other day of the year but lets take a look at how some of the homes celebrated the day of ‘love’ this year… 

Heatherside really touched our hearts this Valentines… The wonderful management and activities staff had the lovely idea of making love hearts with wedding day photos of each resident hung up them on the trees in the home. This brought back some wonderful cherished memories for the residents and they all had a lot of fun spending the day guessing who was in the love hearts. 

The Clough spent an afternoon reliving their youth with a ‘Golden Oldies’ party with lots of delicious party food, drinks and a local DJ who is said to have been a big hit. Residents, staff, friends and family partied the day away with lots of signing, dancing and laughter. 

The Knights started their morning by keeping the romance alive by giving each resident a single red rose. The fire really got ignited in the afternoon, when local signer Big Mac came to the home to get everyone involved in a good old fashioned singalong and boogie to classic love songs. 

Here’s a look through the lens at some of these fun activities…