Well-Being POD set to launch at Beechy Knoll

Feb 28, 2024

We are extremely excited to share the anticipated launch of our well-being pod at Beechy Knoll, next month.

What is the well-being pod?

At Pearlcare, we recognise the importance of our staff’s well-being. So, our home in South Yorkshire, Beechy Knoll is launching a well-being pod, for their employees. It will be a private space, dedicated for staff, to relax and chill when things become a bit too much or they just need some time to themselves.

What does the well-being pod offer?

As well as being a space for staff to retreat to, the pod will focus on mental and psychical health, *offering benefical things such as:

  • Well-being sessions
  • Menopause sessions
  • Financial sessions
  • Nutritious smoothie’s
  • Hand and face massages
  • Bath and body salts, made from natural ingredients for staff to enjoy at home

*Proudly offered by Support Social Care Heroes (SSCH)

When will the pod open?

There will be an official open day on 21st March, from 2pm-4pm, were; Westfield Health, staff from ICB, SSCH and local authority will be attending, as well as local press and members of the Pearlcare executive team.

What does the pod look like?

Well, lucky for you, you’ve made it onto this blog post and we have some exclusive pictures for you to take a look at below…