Champions League Knock out Quiz at Pearlcare

Jul 8, 2020

As you may have read from our previous Pearls of Wisdom Trivia Quiz blog post, every week our care homes have been taking part in an online quiz made by ourselves, to compete against each other. It’s been a huge success among staff and residents and the management team, with it being something everyone looks forward to every week. 

‘The weekly Quiz has brought us all together to share in something fun and positive in these uncertain times’ Madeline Bird- Resident, Glenfield Woodlands

So, last month we decide hold a very exciting event to keep morale and spirits high throughout our homes…

The Pearls of Wisdom Champions League Knock out Quiz.

All 16 homes took part, with the rounds scattered throughout a one day event, all of which took place online. We spent weeks preparing, creating top notch quizzes, planning out the day and sorting out the technicalities to ensure everything ran smoothly… and smoothly it ran. 

“We loved seeing how involved our residents were with this quiz, we even had to go out and buy a microphone & amp so that they could properly hear the questions, that’s how much they wanted to win. Letting the staff sit down for 10 mins to have that interaction with the residents was just priceless.” Sean & Rob, Wellfield management

There was four rounds in total and the first round consisted of 8 homes against 8 homes, the remaining rounds were decided by a ‘knock out’ structure. The entire Pearlcare group; management, staff & residents of every home were able to watch each quiz LIVE as it was happening online. 

“Nothing like a good bit of competition, gets the blood going.” Phyllis Jones, Resident at Wellfield 

After three very fun yet intense rounds we seen the final two homes remaining go head to head which were… The Laurels & Ladydale. And after a nail biting final, with only ONE point in it, Ladydale were crowned the winners!

“Doing the quizzes has helped staff and residents at Ladydale to keep smiling through this challenging time”. Staff, Ladydale

It was lovely competing as part of a big team in the quiz, the residents and staff throughly enjoyed taking part. Denice, Activities Co-ordinator at The Laurels 

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